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Why I'm Running

 I am running for Congress in New York’s 14th Congressional District as a Libertarian to work towards peace, justice, and a clean planet through a focus on individual liberty. By electing the first Libertarian to Congress, the 14th Congressional District has the power to show that the people of The Bronx and Queens want to reclaim their rights, rebuild their communities in sustainable ways, and empower themselves and their children to seek prosperity, freedom, and justice. 


As a Libertarian I want a clean environment, a fair court system for all, and prosperity for the working class, not only the rich. I just don’t trust the Government, or the corporate-controlled two party system that runs it, to achieve those goals. But I do trust the people, my friends and neighbors, to know what they want and need to thrive. 


The majority of Americans believe the country needs third party representation in Congress, and I believe it takes a third party, or many third parties, to break the corporate control over our government and return power to the people. Every bad policy decision of the last many decades, from the racist War on Drugs to the invasion of Iraq based on lies, has enjoyed bipartisan support from career politicians, many who still serve in office today. The President and the current leadership of both houses of Congress, for example, supported both.


I am not, and do not want to be, a career politician. I am a Public Defender in Bronx Family Court where I represent parents targeted by the child protective system; I love my job. If elected to office I would aim to return to Public Defense after, at most, two terms. I believe in term limits and think imposing one on myself is a good first step.

 Please consider signing up to volunteer with the campaign; there is a lot of work to be done just to get on the ballot when petitioning begins in Spring.

Criminal Justice Reform
The War on Drugs is a failure that has done immeasurable damage to our country and must end. The police can only be defunded if we defund the cartels first, and addiction can only be addressed if we treat it like a disease, not a crime.

Drug use is a victimless crime; an oxymoron

Glass Buildings
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