If elected, I would introduce legislation and vote with either or both sides of the aisle to:

End the  War on Drugs, treat addiction as a disease, and demilitarize the police.
Public defender type system for class actions vs polluters (which incentivizes smaller claims to go forward). Damages paid for harm done to public land should be passed along directly to the people of the area.
End support for, and participation in, violent conflicts around the world.
Restore our rights to bodily autonomy, privacy, and free assembly

Support term limits and ban political profiteering.
Remove barriers to lawsuits and criminal prosecutions against industrial polluters.
Target the root causes of income inequality and end all corporate subsidies and bailouts. 
End the FDA war on  vapes, that is killing vape shops, and making it harder for people to quit smoking cigarettes
End the ban on transporting raw milk across state lines
Support voting reform, alternate voting systems like: Ranked choice voting, Star voting and any others that will help fix the broken system.